L2 Official: Underground Now Available

Một trong những nâng cấp lớn của Lineage 2, phần này khai mở “thế giới ngầm”

Một upgrade lớn từ Lineage 2 Offcial, vô tình có nội dung trùng với tên của website l2under nên post lên cho vui, xin đừng hiểu nhầm là l2under cho ra server riêng nhé.


Welcome to the L2 Underground!

Attention all heroes, today the Underground is open! This update brings with it the incredible Gainak Underground, a long-forgotten underground city that is currently seeing a resurgence in attendance. The retired adventurer Setten has finally settled down and opened his Mystic Tavern, a place for weary travelers to rest and recover. But it’s also a place where players can experience—and take part in—epic moments in Aden’s history.

Another key element of Underground is the opening of the Atelia Command Post, a new Embryo stronghold. Check out the video below to see what dangers lie in wait for Aden’s heroes.

And, as always, check out the full patch notes in the forums for all the details.

(nice upgrade from ncsoft)